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We are among the 50 most popular Ukrainian brands!


The Ukrainian producers have made the patriotic slogan “Buy Ukrainian!” come true. The Focus magazine has introduced the annual rating of the trade marks that are preferred by the Ukrainian consumers every day.

This list of the Focus is the reflection of the fact which goods were often purchased by the Ukrainian consumers in 2010. Actually its participants are the strongest players on their markets, and the whole order of the participants brightly illustrates consumer preferences in the country.   It has to be said that 26 brands have increased their sales in comparison with 2009. But it can be explained not so much by increase of the consumer demand as by increase in prices. For example, the rates of some brands have increased more than 4 times.

The preliminary list of the most popular Ukrainian brands was made on the basis of the investigation MMI Ukraine conducted by the TNS Ukraine Company. The investigation took place in spring and summer 2010, 10,000 respondents in the age of 16-65 who live in the cities with population of more than 50,000 people were interviewed. There were estimated only the brands of the Ukrainian companies or the trade marks that have been developed specially for Ukraine or purchased by foreign companies. The trade marks on the list of Focus have been ranked according to their retail sales in the country in 2010. The editors estimated not only the main brands of the companies but also so called umbrella brands (when several products are produced under the same trade mark) and sub-brands. In every case Focus summed up only the sales volumes. The calculation was conducted exclusive of VAT. The estimation of the sales of the Ukrainian brands was made on the basis of the open financial statements of the companies and the information provided by the companies themselves. The expert evaluation of the retail sales on the basis of shares of the market and brands’ shares in the companies’ portfolio has been conducted by the research group “International Marketing Group Ukraine” especially for the Focus.

The Kiev Factory of Sparkling Wines “Stolychny” has taken the 40th place among the 50 most popular Ukrainian brands. It is important to say that we are the only representative of the Ukrainian sparkling wines producers on the list, it proves one more time that we are the leader on the Ukrainian market.


Published: 07.10.11