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The very "Sovetskoje shampanskoe"


Last year turned out to be one of the most remarkable for  “Sovetskoje Shampanskoe” .  In the year of 2008, the most popular trademark of sparkling wines changed its design and its several different images were presented to customers. While redesigning the main emphasis was made to enlarge a principal decoration element, i.e. a red star. The Head of Marketing Unit at the Kiev factory of sparkling wines  “Stolichny” Ms. Natalia Buryakova underlines: “More than one year a red star which appeared at a label of the drink which is the most popular among Ukrainians identifies its authenticity and quality. This is an identity mark of the sparkling wine produced at the Kiev factory of sparkling wines  “Stolichny”. For almost 55 years  “Sowetskoye Shampanskoe” has remained to be the main preference for the most Ukrainians and we being the producer of tradition should raise the brand image, as well as preserve and protect the customer’s shaped values”. 
A press-conference of the  Kiev factory of sparkling wines  “Stolichny” on December 25, 2008 was a substantive event in outgoing year for  “Sovetskoje Shampanskoe" TM where a limited edition of  “Sovetskoje Shampanskoe" there was presented the Soviet Union. It is exclusive with a unique design and original  style and was specially developed on occasion of the Soviet Union Day (December 30, 1922).  According to the Product Brand Manager Ms. Maria Abramova, “this trademark will draw a customer’s attention to the epoch that gave us Champagne “Sovetskoye” because there are not so many things left to say with a smile “it is time-proved” or “it is familiar for me since the USSR time”. Vocation of “Sowetskoye Shampanskoe" TM , the USSR is to recognize a comfortable legacy of past and pay a tribute to ordinary things that are slowly becoming the history.   
In addition, the year of 2008 was not an exception when the range of the products was completed by “Sovetskoje Shampanskoe" TM  , a Happy New Year with a festive design that was developed at a major attribute of seasonal celebrations. 
The brand support campaign is mainly explained by the fact that producers of sparkling wines will have to stop using a term “champagne” upon our country’s accession to the WTO.  Thus, a popular trademark is likely to disappear at shops. 
In 2009 the design of “Sovetskoje Shampanskoe" will also undergo some changes. A star will appear in the design of the bottle cap along with the Company’s abbreviation – КЗШВ (Kiev factory of sparkling wines “Stolichny”). This innovation was provided as a result of new technological equipment that was installed within the program for comprehensive modernization of filling line.


Published: 19.06.09