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Sales of Kiev Sparkling Wines to Increase by 5 %


The experts of the Kiev factory of sparkling wines “Stolichniy” predict increase in sparkling wines sales. In accordance with their estimates, the current growth trend might even now determine the results of the year 2010. “Over the whole year, our factory is displaying stable growth performance; moreover, we expect further sales expansion by some 5 % in the autumn period,” says Mr. Pavel Shchur, head of the sales department of the Kiev factory of sparkling wines. The positive results were influenced by several factors. The successful development of “Our Kiev” line of sparkling wines was one of them. More than a half of million bottles of these wines were sold during 8 months of the present year. Furthermore, the main company’s achievement in this year was its success in earning the consumer’s propensity in western regions of Ukraine where such trademarks as “Our Kiev” and “Soviet Premium” enjoy special popularity. The producers are even more confident in a positive result since the Kiev factory of sparkling wines has modernized its production facilities in the last year thus enabling it to cut costs and enhance the company’s productivity on the whole. This fact also offers an opportunity to preserve the production pace and attain targeted results.


Published: 04.11.10