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How many words are said about champagne, how many deserved prizes were proclaimed on his honour. But however, probably it should be reminisced one of periods of his history, not large, but very meaningful, as it is heavy to over-estimate his payment.

History of the Kiev Factory of Sparkling Wines begins from the second half of the nineteenth century, when 1860 the colonist of the Wolhyn province William Yakovich Rikhert built on own territory, in the suburb of Kyiv – Kurenivtsi brewery which was considered as one with the highest capacity by that time.

After Second World War, a soviet government came forward with initiative to revival wine making in Soviet Union, offering on the signature of Y.Stalin Decision of Soviet Union Minister Council "About speed-up of champagne factories and wine making for the primary processing of wine". Suggestion was approved and as a result, in December 1949 Executive Committee of Kiev city council of workers’ deputies took decision to give Combine of champagne wines of Ukraine a lot land by an area of about 8.5 hectares and all houses down the street Siretskiy 19, (on the territory of William Rikhert’s factory), for building Kiev Factory of Sparkling Wines.

At the same time, 1953 soviet scientists-champagnizers had invented the new champagnization method in a continuous stream. Essence of method is that the process of the second fermentation takes place already not in the closed reservoir, but in a stream – system from 7-8 consistently united tanks-acratophors – with one set speed and permanent pressure. This method was applied in industry 1954. One of the first enterprises that applied the method of «continuous stream» was the Kiev Factory of Sparkling Wines. In the first years of activity, the enterprise actively grew up production rates and perfected technology. So the first turn of factory had made 1, 5 million bottles, and already in a year this number grew in twice. Such rates of development in quite short interval of time provided our enterprise a leading place in wine making industry of Soviet Union, and in future position of undoubted leader at the Ukrainian market of sparkling wines.

But such success would be impossible without pursuing of modernization policy and innovations. Changes took place almost every year. 1957 with the purpose of assortment expansion and introduction of new high-quality sparkling wines types, the factory mastered the production of new sparkling wine type "Sovetskoe muskat champagne" - original sparkling light-gold wine which differed from the ordinary sparkling wine through especially tender aroma and pleasant taste, inherent in fresh muscadine that entered in the complement of drink. Drink had large demand for the users of whole former Soviet Union. High quality of this wine was marked by silver and gold medals during international competition of wines in Hungary and Yugoslavia.



Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Kiev Factory of Sparkling Wines “Stolichny” congratulates on the New Year and Christmas!

The year 2011 happened to be effective due to thorough work of specialists whose qualification is a guarantee of any process and realization of all ideas.
The next year shall become not less effective and successful due to the experience, patience and commitment to our work.

We wish the next year to be reliable and consistent, and all dreams and goals shall be realized!

Let the year 2012 become full of pleasant events, new discoveries and victories and present you and your families calm and comfort.

Have nice weekends!



Kiev Sparkling Wine Factory presents Chocolate Nut liqueur Chocotella

The chocolate nut liqueur of soft creamy consistency Chocotella prepared only on the basis of natural components, grain alcohol and artesian water of our own well, condensed milk and powdered chocolate Milka.



The New Extrabrut Condition from the Kyiv Factory of Sparkling Wines

The Kyiv Factory of Sparkling Wines gives you an opportunity to experience the art of winemaking and to feel like a professional oenologist at least for a moment. One of the most popular production lines “Sovetskoe Shampanskoe” Premium has been enriched by a new kind of sparkling wine which is called Extra Brut.



The Kyiv Factory of Sparkling Wines "Stolichny has received The International Food Standard (IFS)

The members of the German Retail Federation (Hauptverband des Deutschen Einzelhandels, HDE) and their French colleagues - Fédération des Entreprises du Commerce et de la Distribution (FCD) – have developed a food quality and safety standard for retailers of branded products that is called The International Food Standard (IFS). The purpose of this standard is estimation of the safety of food and quality systems according to the unified approach, it is applied to all companies in the food industry.



We are among the 50 most popular Ukrainian brands!

The Ukrainian producers have made the patriotic slogan “Buy Ukrainian!” come true. The Focus magazine has introduced the annual rating of the trade marks that are preferred by the Ukrainian consumers every day.

This list of the Focus is the reflection of the fact which goods were often purchased by the Ukrainian consumers in 2010. Actually its participants are the strongest players on their markets, and the whole order of the participants brightly illustrates consumer preferences in the country.   It has to be said that 26 brands have increased their sales in comparison with 2009. But it can be explained not so much by increase of the consumer demand as by increase in prices. For example, the rates of some brands have increased more than 4 times.